Monday, November 1, 2010

Same weight for 4 weeks.

So, my birthday came and went, and now I am the big 4-7. A couple weeks before my birthday, I realized that I was only 3 pounds from my goal weight of 170. Actually, it was on October 20th, that I weighed 173.2.
I've had a lot of days since then that have been nowhere near my goal intake of 1100 daily calories. In fact, I'm sure there were days I was pushing 2000 calories. But, based on most guides I've read regarding a person's necessary caloric needs, I should be eating 2400 calories to maintain my weight, and if I were to eat 2000 a day, it would take quite some time to lose anything. I think that eating 2000 a day would put me at a weight loss rate of 1-2 pounds per month.
So on October 20th, I thought I would hit my goal weight by my birthday, which was the 27th. One week to lose 3 pounds? Totally do-able, but it would have meant that I would have to watch my calories closely, and get in a good workout daily.
Those things just didn't happen, for some reason. I think now that I'm in a size I like, and my weight is so normal, it's just become less of a priority to actually lose more. I'm happy with my current size, and whether or not I lose the next 5-10 in a month, or 6 months, isn't a huge concern.
This morning I weighed 177.2, which is exactly what I weighed on September 29th. So it's been 4 weeks of maintaining, with no loss. I have been as low as 173.2, but I tend to bounce up and down about 3-4 pounds, depending what my body is going through that day. Cramping and bloating tend to keep my up a couple pounds, and then they come off after a couple days.
My big thing now is toning, and building muscle. I really have to do this, and it's not something I'm thrilled about... yet. There was a time when I loved going to the gym, and I loved my walking. But up until now, the dieting has worked so well for me, I haven't felt the need to exercise at all. I know, I know. It's gotta happen. And one day, I'll wake up, and just like the day I started to eat healthy, I'll know this is the day I'm going to stick with my exercise. That day just hasn't hit me yet. But it's coming... soon.

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  1. Belated happy birthday! Now we are the same age! :)

    Nice work maintaining - and I totally get what you are saying about being happy with your size - the numbers on the scale start to matter less as long as you still fit into your smaller clothes. I hope the exercise bug does hit you soon - it really helps me, not only with my size, but my mood, too.