Monday, February 13, 2012

New activities.

Totally lost focus for a few days. Weighed today and am up two pounds. Oh no!

So I'm determined in the gym again. Today I walked my mile on the treadmill, at an average speed of 3.2, so I finished in around 20 minutes. Then I moved my happy butt over to the elliptical, and did another 15 minutes, getting through 1.10 miles there. My speed on the elliptical averages about 3.8, but I keep it on level one.
Isn't it so frustrating... the moment you realize, if you'd have stayed on track the last few weeks, you'd actually be close to your goal? But instead, you had a second helping of this, or an extra serving of that, and next thing you know, you're heading the wrong way on the scale again.
A while back, I talked about adding new activities to my daily routine. I need new ways to burn calories, so I'm considering starting to ride my bike to work. I checked the distance yesterday, and it's just over a mile, so it's really no big deal at all. The only concern I have is getting into the routine of taking my uniform to work, and making sure I have time to change and freshen up before work. I have a fairly "sweaty" job anyway, so a quick bike ride and a little perspiring is not going to ruin my reputation. :-)
My only other concern is that if I were to get a flat or otherwise break down on the way to work, I'd have to walk the bike back home, and get the car. There might be an occasion where I'm late to work, and I hate that! But chances are, it won't happen ever... or at least very rarely.
The weather has been warm for February, and as long as there's no snow or rain, there should be no reason for me not to give this a try. Trust me people, I'm psyching myself up for it. I'm going over all the pros and cons in my head... talking myself into it.
I have a friend who has given up vehicles, almost completely. He still owns a truck and motorcycle, but has commuted and travelled by bicycle exclusively since September. Even in the snow. He's my inspiration. If he can do everything by bicycle, and still have a normal life, why can't I do a 2-mile round trip daily? Well, it's a start. I might like it so much, I'll follow his lead! Not likely, but it's a nice thought. :-)