Thursday, September 29, 2011

New gym.

New gym is working out awesome! I drop off my son at 6:30 at school for his weightlifting class, then I go straight to the gym. My favorite part? TVs on every cardio machine! I watch Beverly Hillbillies, Family Affair, and Gomer Pyle every morning! :-) I do my 30-45 minutes on either the elliptical, treadmill, or bike. Then I make the rounds on the weight machines. Usually M-F, since I'm up and out of the house anyway. But tomorrow, I'm going to come straight home instead of going to the gym. It's payday, and I need to get started on paying bills and grocery shopping early, before I have to go to work.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick note...

Still here........... Can't believe how lazy I've been! Old gym membership expired, and we got really slowww around here. New membership at a new gym, and all morning to go! Time to kick this extra weight in the butt!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working on the "hibernation" weight!

Okay, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I just have gotten to a point where writing daily, weekly, or even monthly, isn't a priority anymore. My Mom says it's because if I don't have anything positive to write, I don't want to write at all, and she's probably right. I don't exactly have bad news to share, but it seems less important to write when I'm just barely hanging in there with the program.
But, this is my "watchdog". And the less I write, the more I'm likely to screw up.
To recap the last few months... Let's see...
I had lost a total of 83 lbs way back in July '10. By September of last year, I had leveled out around 180-185. I stayed there for quite awhile, and didn't notice my pants getting the least bit tighter until sometime around February of '11. Bunna calls it our "hibernation" weight. We tend to hunker down in the winter, and there's a lot less activity. That includes getting out and driving in bad weather to the gym.
By the time I got back on the scale to check the damage, it was mid-April, and the scale read 196. Ugh. That was 23 lbs up from my absolute lowest, but more importantly, it was around 12-14 lbs above what I had come to feel was my happy weight. Being at 185 was 20 lbs more than I weighed in high school, but it was at that weight when people I work with and friends of mine all said, "Don't lose any more! This is your perfect weight!" But I let myself slide... I stopped counting my calories, and watching my starch intake. That's a big one for me. Carbs and starch. Bread became a regular fixture over the winter months, and my daily calorie intake jumped to about 1800 a day. Prior to that, I had all but cut out breads. I was getting my whole grain from bars and oatmeal.
So, needless to say, I'm having to buckle down again. It's a never-ending cycle, isn't it? But aside from the fact that my cute size 14 shorts are looking too short this year, I really don't feel as though I've slipped up that much. It's a setback, for sure, but it's not the end of the world.
I watch that tv program called "Ruby" about a woman who has been struggling with her weight her whole life. She started at somewhere in the mid-700's, and got down, (now in the 5th season?) to just over 300 lbs. She has done incredibly well, considering she has some serious emotional issues. Ruby can't even remember her childhood before age 13. We're at a point in the progression of the program where she is beginning to have some memories, with the help of a therapist.
But that's not my point here. My point is, Ruby had a setback. A 50 lb setback. But she got back on the horse, and is getting back on track. In the scheme of things, a 50 lb slip-up isn't that huge, considering where she started. And in my case, I can't let this 15-20 lbs make me crazy. In the scheme of things, it's just a small delay. Not exactly "two steps forward, one step back", but it is a step in the wrong direction. Guilty.
But I've got my mojo going, and I've been going to the gym at least 3 times a week. Back on my 1100 calorie limit. Summer's here, and I'm wearing mostly my 14s, but a couple of 16s are in the rotation. Funny, at this weight, I realize that that 15 lbs makes the difference in one size or the next. When I was at my biggest, all my clothes were of the stretch variety, and I never even noticed when my weight slowly crept up. I notice now! That's for sure! I'll be happy as a clam when my cute little 14 shorts fit cute again... and it won't be long. Summer's only just begun, and it won't take long at all to get this "hibernation" weight off!
Oh, and I bought a yoga dvd the other day. Tried it here at home for the first time. Seriously... this is work! I can see where I have really let the stretching fall by the wayside. What a difference some flexibility will make! Just another brick in the wall of my all-over body health! :-)
And ladies, thanks for being concerned. I am still here, even though I'm a little reclusive. I'll always jump on here and write when you least expect it! And if there anything serious I need to share, you'll read it here. I won't lie to you. I'll always shoot from the hip. Good or bad, you'll get it from the horse's mouth. :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Evil Escalator

Just a quick note... Have to skip the gym today, in order to make my 9 am dental appointment. But I have been going at least 3 times a week, and spending about 40 minutes doing my walk/jog on the treadmill.
But, thanks to the lady that was on MY treadmill the other day, ;-)... I ended up on the Stairmaster... that Evil Escalator. Good news is, there's a tv right there, and the women who go to the gym at the same time as me watch the Price is Right in the little side room. I'm all set! Two minutes on that climber gets me sweatier than twenty on the treadmill! I've found a new toy!
Back to the gym tomorrow, so I can take off this "hibernation" weight. I don't like that it creeped up on me!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hip pain.

So I'm back at the gym. And for the longest time, way before I ever got serious about losing weight, I would go to the gym and "work out". Except, I never had a goal. I never had a plan. Now, after losing a bunch of weight, I'm on a mission to keep it off and maintain my loss. Plus, I still have that pesky little 20 lbs to lose.
The sun came out last week, and I felt alive again. Three days at the gym last week, and after I finish today, that will be another 3 days this week. I think I would have gone 4 days, but things came up, and I had to skip Wednesday.
In the past, I've not pushed myself much. But now, when I get on the treadmill, I visualize myself with long, lean legs. I really want to lengthen my muscles, and get those great legs back I used to have. Well, I thought they were great. And compared to what they look like now, those legs I had in my 20's were great!
So I get to the gym with a plan to walk/jog 30 minutes to an hour, and I usually do about 40 minutes before my tendonitis acts up.
On the inside of my right hip, along my pelvic bone there, I have some tendonitis. I can set the treadmill for 4.0 - 4.5, and I'm fine for awhile. It's when I set it higher, around 5.0 - 5.5 when I get into trouble. As that tendon heats up, the pain goes up. If I keep my pace right around 4 mph, I can go longer, but my goal is to get down to a 12 minute mile. I'm trying, but that pain is slowing me down. I can only tolerate so much, before I have to lower the speed, and let my hip cool off.
Here I had been worrying about my back causing me to go slower, or cut back on the walking. But so far, my back has been very nice about this jump back into exercise. It's my old lady joints that are fighting back.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"GYM" is not a four letter word.

Three times at the gym this week. This isn't as hard as I thought it would be, getting back into it. I love my tv over my head, where I can watch my Drew Carey to my heart's content. The first couple of days I did a mile, then two miles. Today I did 2.33 miles, in about 41 minutes. At two miles, I checked my time and it was at 35 minutes. So with my walking/jogging I am doing about an 18 minute mile, give or take. It'll get better. I'm walking the 5K on May 7th for the Race for the Cure. Bunna's mom and I are doing it together, and she's not a jogger, so I'll be happy to pace myself with her and get our 5K done at a leisurely pace. So far, my legs and back are holding up. I had an injury in my left ankle a couple years ago, and it acts up occasionally, but it's been behaving. My back is super great, and I can attribute that to the good work my new chiropractor did with me. I'm to a point now where I only go when I feel the need for an adjustment. And so far, so good. I haven't seen him in weeks, and I'm still feeling great. I think I can stick to the new 3 day a week gym routine. Honestly, I think it's because the weather is getting warmer that I even feel the slightest bit of motivation to leave the house in the morning. I totally get all cocoon-ed up when the weather is cold. My winter routine in the morning is to crawl out of bed, pull on my big, fluffy, pink robe, come downstairs for coffee, and "veg" out in front of the computer until it's time to do laundry or get ready for work. Today, I got done at the gym, and had the energy to come home and vacuum and dust the entire house. Then I still had breakfast, paid bills, and showered for work. All I can say is.......... YAY! for sunshine and warm, happy days!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gym time.

Gym. It's not a four-letter-word, but it's close. I used to be a fan, but I just can't feel the love like I used to. I think once I get in the habit of going again, the happy feelings will come back. The positive feelings I get once I'm there, working, and making a difference in my health and shape, come back after awhile. But yesterday, I got to the gym, and there was a sign up near the treadmill where I always start out. It said, "Don't touch the tv". Really? It's within reach, so I can easily change the channel, and if no one else is in the room, why can't I touch the tv? Seriously, I pay good money to be allowed to use the equipment, so why isn't the tv part of the perks? I don't expect to go and spend my 30-60 minutes on a treadmill watching a continuous loop of the news, or even worse, ESPN. I make a point of getting to the gym at the same time as the Price is Right comes on. I have a little schedule I've made up for myself, and I run during the commercials, and walk during the show. It works for me, and more importantly, it keeps my mind occupied. Walking for any length of time staring into a mirror, with nothing to think about besides how your waist wiggles when you take a step, is not how I want to spend my workout time in the morning. Drew Carey is much more fun to watch. And at the risk of getting my hand slapped by a Stepford-gym-employee, I'm going to touch that tv. I might even touch it twice.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Food Vacation

Well, let's see. It was Monday this week when I woke up and got back on track for these last few pounds. I would like to say that it was to lose the last 20 lbs, but in fact, I had gained a few back, and I actually need to lose 24 when I woke up and started paying attention to my calories again on Monday.
On March 14, I was weighing 189. Today, I'm weighing 184 again. So, to reach my new goal, I am 19 lbs away.
Back in August, I posted that I was 176. And at the time, I had a goal of 170, so I was only 6 lbs away. But I see that it's possible for me to get to that 165 mark, so that's my new goal. And it's less than 20 lbs away.
I've been in this range for so long now, since around September, that it seems this is my new regular weight. But it gets me thinking... when I started at 256, and I began eating super healthy, I lost 12 lbs in one week! If this is my new weight range in the mid 180's, then why can't I lose 12 lbs of water weight immediately when I get on track again?? It's not fair somehow. :-)
But 5 in one week is fine with me. Seriously, for those of us that are in our normal range, or close to it, the maintaining is something that will be with us forever. I've learned what a month of random snacking can do to my waistline. And it was over 13 months ago when I decided my "food vacation" was over. I have to remind myself every day that I'm not on a food vacation.
On the other hand, when vacation really does get here... well, all bets are off. :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yogi Chips

Snacks! I've gotta have 'em! And I've gotta have 'em every couple of hours, or my tummy reminds me. I'm thrilled that summer is coming and I'll have berries and fresh stuff in my snack box for work. I usually take one apple, one cheese stick, and two or three bars of some type. I usually have my egg whites before I leave for work, and by the end of the day, with my 4-5 snacks, I go into dinner time with about 600 calories under my belt. That leaves me with 4-500 to spend for dinner.

The other day, at the Grocery Outlet, I found something new. A type of chip, that is only about 110 calories for a bag. Granted, the bag is only a fraction of an ounce, I think, but just because they're lightweight, doesn't mean they're low on flavor!

They're made by Wai Lana, and they're called Yogi Chips. The main ingredient is yucca flour, so they're different than a basic potato chip. These little gems are flattened and formed to resemble a chip, but the consistency is more like a Pringle. They come in different flavors, like bbq or sweet and sour. They're more of a sweet snack, as opposed to a salty chip snack, but the sweet and sour flavor is so good with the little cinnamon they put on them.

Also, for anyone interested, they are also gluten free. That makes a difference for some people. I've never had any trouble with gluten foods, but I know some people have an allergy to wheat, so this is a good replacement snack.

Since I found them at the Grocery Outlet, the quantities were limited, and when they're gone, they're gone! But I couldn't imagine that this product was there because it had been discontinued. It was just too good. So I checked around. You can buy them by the case on Amazon, and I think Whole Foods has them. Here locally, I found I can buy them at our Co-op market, which specializes in local and organic groceries.

They're worth checking into. They make a great treat for me when I need something sweet, without breaking the bank on calories!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mares eat oats...

Yesterday, on a quest to find something new and fun for breakfasts, I found myself standing in front of the oatmeal. No surprise. I love oatmeal, and I've been waiting for someone to make it not only healthy and low cal, but also good tasting. So good, that I wouldn't need to add my standard sugar and butter. I love, love, love a big bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and butter. But, it doesn't like me. So imagine my delight when I found this new oatmeal at the store yesterday!

Now, I might be the last one on the boat here, and you all might have found the same, or similar oatmeals. But until now, I've been eating the Coach's Oats. My Bunna bought me a case a while back, and as much as I like oatmeal, I've not gotten through all four bags yet. One is still in the freezer, and one I gave to my Mother last time she was in town.

The Coach's Oats are a steel cut oatmeal, microwavable, and about 160 calories for a 40 g. serving. They're good and hearty, but kinda blah, and I always feel the need to add sugar and butter or at least raisins to make it interesting and delicious.

Enter BetterOats OatFit: The NEW oatmeal! I suppose it was just matter of time before the oatmeal people got on the bandwagon and started adding sugar substitutes and artificial flavorings to their oatmeal. This one is the best I've tried. For a 28 g. serving, portioned out into little bags, it has only 100 calories. It's microwavable in a couple minutes, and best of all, it needs no add-ins! I bought the cinnamon roll flavor, and I swear... it's like it has the sugar and butter in it already! Love this stuff!

Granted, it's a smaller serving than the Coach's Oats, but it's got less fat and less carbs than the steel cut oats. On the other hand, it's also got less protein and fiber. It's got a bunch more sodium, too. Seems like a fair trade though, for the awesome flavor.

Now, I can have my oats, and eat them too! And as for the Coach's Oats... well, they make a darn good cookie. :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wake up!

Okay. I'm facing the facts. I gained. Ugh. I GAINED.
I knew it was happening... the jeans slowly feeling less baggy and more like they fit, and then suddenly, too tight? YIKES.
I was hovering around 178-182 for the longest time, and then all common sense went out the window. Calories? Who cares! Well, I realized that a month of "who cares" turned into about a 7 lbs gain.
Yesterday, I weighed 189. That was my wake-up call. And I got back on track and stopped with the bowl of cereal at 9:00 pm, and the extra helping of rice at dinner. This morning, I'm down a little to 187.
In three months, I'll be going on vacation to sunny Myrtle Beach, via sunny North Carolina and my sister's house. Swimming, in the pool and the lake, and then sunning on the beach. This body is not going to stay at 187 for long! I've got some work to do! I've got to wake up and smell the coffee! coffee, no cream, no sugar, please. :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good morning... is it Spring yet?

I've been on a mental vacation. Don't ask me when it started, but for some reason, I have put aside all the things that had been so important and in the forefront, and gone into some kind of auto-pilot. Maybe it's the weather or just that time of year, but the motivation I thought was returning a month ago, has only drifted farther away, and I'm not any closer to losing that last 20 lbs.

As a matter of fact, I weighed myself this morning and faced the sad fact that I knew would be there when I stepped on the scale. I have gained 7 lbs. I had a feeling it would be around that much... my size 12 jeans are just tight enough that I don't want to wear them anymore. And I have found myself wearing a nice spandex-infused cotton pair, size 14, almost everywhere. They are my comfortable jeans, and the others are sitting on the shelf.

I did, however, buy a pair of new walking shoes. The last pair I bought were a Walmart special, and were heavy and clunky and not-so-comfortable. They didn't get used much, and I've had them for about 8 years.

The new pair are Reebok DMX Max. Air pillows on the sole, that when you walk, the cushion travels from the heel of your foot to the ball of your foot. They're kinda like walking on trampolines. :-)

I wore them out for the first time yesterday, just out grocery shopping. Very comfy, and light. As soon as this rain stops, I'll venture out into the real world. Temps are still in the 30s in the mornings, and only up to the low 50s in the afternoons. And we'll have just one day of no rain this week.

Spring is a beautiful time, but pre-Summer is better. It's that time between heavy rains and unbearable temps that I love. It will probably hit just about the time I leave Idaho on vacation... in June. :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wet carpets and ravioli.

Yesterday was one of those days when you just forget to eat until your stomach starts screaming at you, and you start screaming at anyone around you. Lack of food makes me irritable. :-)
I started off with my usual coffee and egg whites, but by 11 am, I was at Bunna's family's house, eating nuts and a fiber bar. That was the last thing I ate before my day got too busy to be hungry.
I started shampooing the carpets around 1 o'clock, and somewhere around 6pm, the belt on the shampooer broke, and I left the house to search for a replacement. By 7:30, I was home, belt-less, and so tired and cranky I thought I would die!
The container I keep in the fridge full of chopped lettuce was empty! But, no fear! We have four heads of iceberg in the crisper, so I started chopping.
After only having eaten egg whites, nuts and a fiber bar all day, I was starving! So unlike me to go so long between meals, but this was just one of those days.
I got my lettuce in a BIG bowl, added some chopped egg, shredded cheese, blue cheese chunks, craisins, and lite dressing. Then I sat down and savored every bite! It had some high-calorie items in the salad, but I'm not worried. I needed dinner, and I'm just glad I didn't head for the peanut butter, considering the condition my stomach and mind were in at the time.
I actually decided to have a salad for dessert, too! LOL Same thing, minus the egg. Two good sized salads, and I was out for the count.
I went to bed with wet carpets and dreams of finding a belt this morning to finish the job. I hear rumors that Bed Bath and Beyond keeps them in stock... I'll be on my way there soon!
But then, once the Bunna wakes up, we'll be off for our Valentine Brunch. Is it wrong to be looking forward to ravioli and red wine at 9 am? I suppose... but if loving Italian food is wrong, I don't want to be right. :-)
Oh, and weigh in today was 182. Ugh. You think Louie's makes a LIGHT ravioli??

Saturday, February 5, 2011


At this point in my body restructuring, I am in mortal danger! Okay, that's an exaggeration. But I feel like I'm being tossed in the middle of so many temptations!
The holidays came and went, and there went my will power... temporarily. It's back, but not as strong, and I've got those 3 lbs to show for it still!
Last night, I was left alone. All alone......... just me and the jar of peanut butter. Scary, right? I could write a complete horror screenplay based on just the few hours I had with that fattening little temptation.
It was as if it was stalking me. I'd have a salad, and I'd see it in the pantry as I gathered salad fixings. I saw it again as I put everything away. I told myself, "If you're good and just have your yummy salad, you can have a little spoonful of peanut butter after dinner."
That held me for awhile, and once the dishes were done, and I was relaxed and ready for bed, I should have just snuck upstairs, before it could follow me. But I didn't. I opened that pantry door, and there it was ...mocking me.
But I showed it who's boss. I opened it right up, and had a spoonful. Then a second. As I was getting ready to go for three, my common sense kicked in... finally!
I probably had a couple hundred calories of that yummy peanutty goodness before I quit. Oh well... what's done is done. I'll go for a long walk today, cursing that jar of Skippy with every step!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Motivation returning... hopefully!

I'm feeling like I can actually get some writing done. Lately, I've just not made time to sit and share feelings or life's little events... Seems like housework, school stuff, and work are occupying my brain for the most part, and I don't feel motivated to sit and type. Although this is a good thing for me... this is my therapy. Getting things off my chest, and venting, is part of the process of overcoming my previous lifestyle. I still get urges to sneak-eat, and I haven't been following a strict calorie intake or exercise plan. Do we go through ups and downs? Can I expect to be bored with my eating every so often and just give in to temptation? Ugh. I suppose. But this current down-swing I'm blaming on the weather. Let's hope when it warms up, I'll have my energy back.
Currently, I'm weighing in around 181, and I feel like if I don't stay on top of it, those little pounds are going to add up. I don't ever see myself being the size I was last year, but I can see myself bouncing up and down... UNLESS I get into a regular exercise program and start finding something more interesting to eat.
Still surviving on my fruit, veggies, and lean meat. But I occasionally have something greasy or fried, and that's when my body tells me ENOUGH! I always feel sluggish the next day if I eat something icky. If only my tummy would communicate better with my brain, I wouldn't eat that stuff in the first place!
I feel like I'm rambling this morning. Maybe after another cup of coffee, I'll be more on top of my game.
I'm writing now for another site, and although some of the posts will be new on the other site, at least for awhile, I think for the most part, they'll be the same posts. There are new readers on the new site, and they need to be caught up! Find that new blog location at I'm listed under blogs, and titled, "Mommy Corner II".

Okay, so in general, I'm feeling good. The chiropractor has me doing some core strength exercises, and I'm cleared to go back to the gym. I'm thinking I need to get my motivation back up, because I'm closing in on a full year of this new eating/lifestyle change, and I still have 20 lbs to lose! Time to crack down! Hmmm... where's that yoga dvd???

Doldrums: GONE!
Optimism: HERE!
Weight Goal Attained: SOON!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Almost a full year now!

Good morning! And welcome to my third entry of the new year! :-)
I've been writing a little less frequently, but that will change... soon! I was afraid after Christmas that my weight would be up a bit, and it was. I've been a little too complacent with my calorie counting, and the scale is giving me a warning. This morning, I was 182. Ugh. Just goes to show you what a couple days of inactivity can do to your maintaining routine.
Today marks the two week countdown to a full year of eating right, and working at this life-long new healthy lifestyle. I started this diet for myself on February 2, 2010. And to date, the lowest I've been is 173. Holidays and inactivity have edged me back up to my current 182, but I'm not concerned. I know what it takes to get back down, and I'm willing to buckle down and get 'er done!
I was watching a new show on MTV the other night, called, "I Used To Be Fat." The young girl on that show started at a weight of 240, and with a trainer's help, lost 80 lbs in about as many days. It just goes to show you, that if you are physically able to at least walk, then you can get healthy. Lower calories, smaller portions, and a small amount of movement will get your weight down. The more exercise you can squeeze into your schedule, the more of a calorie deficit you will create, making the weight come off faster. It's just simple math. :-)
Starting today, I'll start posting my weight more often... and give more updates on my exercise. My mother calls my blog "a good watchdog", and she's right. It keeps me honest, and like a watchdog, keeps me away from the fridge. :-)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday after Olive Garden.

Okay, so I weighed today and was 181. Still hanging onto that 3 lbs from Christmas. No biggy. In the scheme of things, it's a drop in the bucket. When I was 256, adding another 3 lbs might have freaked me out, knowing I was getting bigger and bigger. But being at the weight I am now, this 3 lbs is not a worry. I know it's a normal fluctuation, and I'll get back on track. On the other hand, had I gained 15 over the holidays, I'd be blogging daily about how weak I was!
Last night was "date night" for my son and myself. He had been up skiing all day, and by the time texted to tell me he was on his way down the mountain, it was nearly 6pm. I promised him a night out, if he was still up to it. So when he got home, he showered, and we headed out for his choice of restaurant. He's a kid after my own heart, and we both love our Italian food! So we went out to Olive Garden. I had the eggplant, and he had the "Tour of Italy" with three portions of different items on his plate. He hadn't eaten since 3pm, and was starved! I had my eggplant Parmesan, and salad and bread. Olive Garden has a special menu, if you can find it, in their lobby. It lists all their gluten-free and low-cal dinners and lunches. I almost ordered from that menu, but changed my mind last minute. I truly love eggplant, and since I don't make it at home, (although it's easy enough... why don't I??) I always order it when we go out for Italian. The low-cal option that I passed on was the Apricot Chicken, with steamed veggies. It was 380 calories for the plate, plus a handful more calories for the salad, and a bit more if you eat the irresistible bread sticks. Yum.
We did go to a movie after dinner, but even my son was too full for popcorn. We just enjoyed the movie on a full tummy from dinner. Long day for him... he was in bed as soon as we got home. He worked hard on the slopes, and it was nice to get him out for some mommy/son time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is anybody out there?

Wow! A month has gone by, and no posts from me. So sorry to my many, many (20?) fans! :-)

I would have to look back at what I last posted, but I think I was somewhere around 178, and looking forward to the new year to get back to basics and drop the last 15 or so lbs. That's still the plan, and we've restocked the pantry with our low-cal snacks, etc. But honestly, the rest of our diet hasn't changed. Still sticking pretty close to our salad/veggie/protein dinners, and fruit and grains. I didn't weigh myself today, and haven't for a week or so. I know that just after Christmas, I was at 181, which is a little above my "safe range". I had been as low as 173, and had bounced between that weight and 178 for about 4 months. I blame the Christmas fudge, gravy and stuffing, and over-indulgences for that 3 lbs gain. Oh well... moving on...
I'll get back to writing more often. I have to admit, it's more fun to write when there is a loss to report. How fun is it to log on and read, "Still the same weight... Maintaining well, thank you."
BORING! But I promise to do better.
In the meantime, I've had such a recurrence of issues with my lower back, that the running, (or jog/walking) that I had started doing at the gym has had to be put on hold. It used to be that I could go a month or so before my back pain suddenly flared up, and I was in pain for days at a time. But those infrequent bouts with being nearly crippled, have become more frequent, and I've decided to see a chiropractor.
Long ago, I consulted with a chiropractor when I thought he could help me with my carpel tunnel problems. He wanted a lot of money up front, with no guarantees, so I passed on that route, and went straight for the surgical method of relief. I never saw a chiropractor again.
But the fact that I have uneven hips, and the continuing issue of poor posture due to scoliosis, I thought it was time to see what could be done.
He's working on me, and I think there will eventually be improvement. But what I learned was this: The abdominal machine that I love, and that I swear by, is not doing my back any favors. In fact, he asked that I not use it, and that I wait until he gets me adjusted a few times before I try any back or ab exercises. He's going to show me, when he feels it's a good time, how to work those muscles without injuring my back, or putting any strain on the weak areas.
Fine. I'll just let my belly sag. LOL The fat is not there like it used to be, but the muscles seriously need work. But right now, my back is most important. Having it be at less than 100% working condition puts my income at risk. I have to be able to lift, twist, jump, throw, and mostly walk. First things first.
I do so love my new chiropractor. He's solved for me the mystery of why my butt is so big. "Inflammation". Hmm. Why didn't I think of that?? ;-)