Sunday, January 6, 2013

On a happy plateau.

A new year, and another chance to make it stick!  Haha! Who am I foolin'?  This is a lifelong process, and a daily struggle.  I'm feeling very satisfied, though, with the progress I'm making, albeit slow.  Weighing in daily now right around 207.  No change for the last couple weeks.  Plateau?  Again?  No biggy...   This too, shall pass.  :-)

   At this weight, I'm in a 16 for the most part, but I have one or two size 14s that I can wear.  At my lowest a couple years ago, I got my wide butt into a size 10.  That was nice while it lasted, but it was so hard to maintain!  A 12 was perfect, and it made me so happy to be able to find clothes that were stylish and fit.  At this point, that's my goal.  At my age, I'm less worried about being "skinny", then just making sure my health habits prolong my life!  I want to be healthy, agile, and still moving when I'm 60 and beyond! So far so good... and I'm only 10 years from my 60th birthday!  Holy moly.  Life really is too short.  I want to be healthy enough, and last long enough in this body to see my son and his kids thrive!  (And my son is only 16, so I've got to last a LONG time!)    :-)