Thursday, April 14, 2011

"GYM" is not a four letter word.

Three times at the gym this week. This isn't as hard as I thought it would be, getting back into it. I love my tv over my head, where I can watch my Drew Carey to my heart's content. The first couple of days I did a mile, then two miles. Today I did 2.33 miles, in about 41 minutes. At two miles, I checked my time and it was at 35 minutes. So with my walking/jogging I am doing about an 18 minute mile, give or take. It'll get better. I'm walking the 5K on May 7th for the Race for the Cure. Bunna's mom and I are doing it together, and she's not a jogger, so I'll be happy to pace myself with her and get our 5K done at a leisurely pace. So far, my legs and back are holding up. I had an injury in my left ankle a couple years ago, and it acts up occasionally, but it's been behaving. My back is super great, and I can attribute that to the good work my new chiropractor did with me. I'm to a point now where I only go when I feel the need for an adjustment. And so far, so good. I haven't seen him in weeks, and I'm still feeling great. I think I can stick to the new 3 day a week gym routine. Honestly, I think it's because the weather is getting warmer that I even feel the slightest bit of motivation to leave the house in the morning. I totally get all cocoon-ed up when the weather is cold. My winter routine in the morning is to crawl out of bed, pull on my big, fluffy, pink robe, come downstairs for coffee, and "veg" out in front of the computer until it's time to do laundry or get ready for work. Today, I got done at the gym, and had the energy to come home and vacuum and dust the entire house. Then I still had breakfast, paid bills, and showered for work. All I can say is.......... YAY! for sunshine and warm, happy days!!


  1. Love that extra energy that comes with working out in the morning - I swear, I'm much more productive on those days.

  2. I'm with Shelly! Start the day off right in the gym! When the weather gets nice you can add a short stroll around the neighborhood after dinner too! ;-)