Thursday, September 29, 2011

New gym.

New gym is working out awesome! I drop off my son at 6:30 at school for his weightlifting class, then I go straight to the gym. My favorite part? TVs on every cardio machine! I watch Beverly Hillbillies, Family Affair, and Gomer Pyle every morning! :-) I do my 30-45 minutes on either the elliptical, treadmill, or bike. Then I make the rounds on the weight machines. Usually M-F, since I'm up and out of the house anyway. But tomorrow, I'm going to come straight home instead of going to the gym. It's payday, and I need to get started on paying bills and grocery shopping early, before I have to go to work.


  1. Hmm Family first then Fitness !!!!

  2. Fitness first. Those bills will wait! :)

  3. are you kidding me? Oct? where are you sista?
    Just missing you...