Thursday, October 14, 2010

100 Calories?

I started this "body overhaul" on February 2, 2010. Today is October 14, 2010, so I'm just over 8 months into this process. Today I weighed the same as I've weighed before, and matched the lowest weight so far to date. My scale said 175.2 this morning.
I've seen this weight before. It seems as if I stay here for a day or two, then I start feeling secure, and I have a few extra calories over the weekend or for some event. The next thing you know, I'm back to 178. I know it's only temporary, and a day or two of counting every calorie gets me right back down, but so far, and for the last month or so, that 175.2 is the lowest I can go.
Everyone goes through that stalled period. The "plateau". I say, "Plateau, Schmateau!" I good day of exercise and whole foods should get me down that next 5 lbs! I've got only 13 days until my 47th birthday, and I intend to hit that 170 mark by then.

I have sustained myself on the same type of food for over 8 months. I eat fiber bars, fruit, cheese, egg beaters, whole grains, lean meats, soy meat substitutes, dairy products, lots of green salads with tomato and low-cal dressing, and low-cal tv dinners. There are times when I just need a taste of what I used to eat. I don't want to cut that "bad" stuff completely out of my diet, but I need to know how much is enough. No more 1" thick peanut butter sanwiches. No more, "I'm gonna have a second donut! There's just so good!" I can snack responsibly if a situation comes up where there's bad food. I just have to know when to stop. Easy enough, right?
When you need to satisfy a craving, I've learned to go for what you crave. If you try to satisfy the craving with something else, like a rice cake, (haha) you'll still have that itch. If you want peanut butter, go ahead. Put a little on a rice cake, and stop at one! There are ways to get your fix without going off your plan.
Here are a few things that can be substituted for a fiber bar occasionally. But remember... these things might satisfy an urge to splurge, but they won't stop your stomach from growling if it's 3 hours from dinner!

One tablespoon of peanut butter.
Seven potato chips.
Four chocolate kisses.
1/3 of a fast food cheeseburger.
Fifteen french fries.
2/3 of a can of soda.
1/2 of a glazed donut.
Eight saltine crackers.
One tablespoon margarine.

I do have a fry once in awhile. I do have a potato chip. And I love a bite of chocolate occasionally. But I remember back in the day... I used to enjoy a PB&J so much, I'd make a second one. I'd stop on my route for a coffee, (sugary and creamy) and finish it off with a couple of mini-mart fried snacks. I was doing that twice a week! Baking every weekend was the norm, and fast food places were always there for last minute dinners. Pizza, thick and cheesy, was on the dinner table at least once a week, and boxed side dishes like Rice-a-Roni or mac 'n cheese were regular part of dinner.
But not so much now. I've got healthier foods in the pantry and fridge. And the family is benefiting from it.

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