Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drink Mixes

This morning I woke up and realized I hadn't written anything in the blog for days. When nothing much is happening, I'm not always motivated to write. But in fact, my weight has been up and down, but slowly staying towards the down side.
Over the weekend, I overate. Well, overeating to me now, is way different than overeating how I used to.
On Saturday, we went to Bunna's parents' house for dinner. We brought with us a pea and cauliflower salad, and they had steaks, baked potato, green salad and cottage cheese and peaches. Overall, in the right proportion, it was a great healthy dinner. So many times, leaving home can be treacherous. To come out of your comfort zone and try to blend with the people that eat regular food is still something I'm learning to do.
Bunna's mom also made a chocolate cake. I had three small squares. I just couldn't resist. We also had coffee and Bailey's with our dessert. I knew for sure that I would wake up Sunday morning feeling guilty and bloated.
BUT... Sunday morning, I weighed my least yet! The scale said 174.2, and I had to rub my eyes to believe it.
Maybe it was a little dehydration, or maybe just a fluke, because Monday morning, I weighed an even 176 again. And this morning, I'm back to 174.6.
I've been considering ways to make sure I'm getting all the water I need, and all the protein, without going over my calorie count for the day.
I've discovered the Crystal Light zero calorie drink mixes. I'm probably the last person on the planet to find these, but over the summer, I started trying them, and now I don't leave home without them!
Better yet, I've found that Walmart makes a version of these drink mixes, and I've also found the Wyler's version at the Grocery Outlet.
Each flavor packet is designed to do something different for your body. I've got the fiber packets, the energy packets, the metabolism packets, the vitamin enhanced packets, the hydration packets and the immunity packets. I half-freeze 3-20 oz. bottles with water each night, and the next day for work, I fill the bottles the rest of the way with water, and mix in a packet. I get three flavors for the day! And since my day consists of 5 hours in the hot sun in the summer, I always finish my 3 bottles. That's a good 60 oz of water, which is not a bad start. On really hot days, I find myself hitting up every drinking fountain on my route, too.
Now that the cooler weather is here, I'll likely cut back to 2 bottles a day. When it's 30 degrees outside, I just don't feel like slamming ice cold water. Call me crazy.
Anyway, these drink mixes are great. And with no calories, they are the perfect way to get that sugar taste without getting all the caffeine and other bad stuff they put in diet sodas. They're not as good for you as drinking straight water, but they are, in my opinion, the next best thing!
And as much as I enjoy a fresh glass of real orange juice, the sugar content in real juice is unreal! Three hundred calories in a glass of real orange juice compared to zero calories in a glass of Wyler's Immunity Orange Flavor mix? That's a no brainer.

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  1. You did so well with your weekend eats, even with the chocolate cake! Very cool how you are managing "real life" eating. :)

    I am happy with plain water but I know a lot of people who love those tubes that you use to flavor bottled water. And if it get you to drink more, great!