Friday, September 24, 2010

Back from Vancouver.

Happy Birthday to my Mom! The big 8-0! I can only hope to live as long... and I know she's got quite a few years left in her! Go MOM!!
My sister and I had a wonderful trip to Vancouver, WA. The visit was awesome! And the shopping and restaurants were a blast!
I left weighing 176, and when I returned, I weighed 179. Ugh. But it happens. No biggy. Five days later, and I'm back to my 176. But this weekend will be another challenge. My son and I are flying out tomorrow morning for a quick overnight in California for my Mom's 80th birthday party. I imagine the caterer has made some delicious treats, and I'm just going to have to limit myself.
While in Vancouver, my sister and I tried to be good. But how do you say no to fabulous Mexican food at Cathedral Restaurant, the meatball sandwich at "The Rock", and home cooked breakfast made by a veteran Air Force chef??!! My cousin is so wonderful on so many different levels, and his cooking is top notch!
Saturday night, he made a huge dinner! We all had our choice of baked chicken or filet mignon, and all the veggies we could eat! All that, plus a variety of wines on the table made for a meal to remember.
I suppose I'm lucky we did enough walking on our shopping trips. I don't think we were idle one minute. Coming home to only a three lb gain was expected, and manageable.
Now, back to work. I should really try to get back to my 1-pound a week schedule... I'd like to see 170 by my 47th birthday... and it's coming up the end of next month!

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  1. Mary Beth! It was great to see you and my sweet nephew (love him but won't post his name ;-) You look great and seems there is some added energy too! How else could you keep up with your little grand niece like you did! LOL Don't stress if you don't lose much more. Seriously, maintaining this weight would be awesome and healthy.