Thursday, September 30, 2010

Body Fat

I was just thinking. Aside from the obvious inches I've lost, and the staggering 80 lb drop in weight, I should consider the body fat % as well.
When I first started dieting, I was a hefty 256 lbs. My neck measurement was approximately 17", my waist 46", and my hips 48". At a height of 5'10", that put my body fat at 49%. That means that nearly half my total weight was fat. Holy cow!
Currently, my measurements are: neck-14", waist-34", and hips- 41". With my weight this morning at 177.2, my body fat comes out to 31%.
Based on the charts I use, I'm in the healthy range! For a female, age 41-60 (I'll be 47 next month!), the healthy range is 23-35%. I actually fall into the healthy range for a female 20-40 years of age, that being 21-33%.
At 49%, I was well into the obese range. I would venture to say, morbidly obese, although the chart I use doesn't distinguish between the two. I was pre-diabetic, and with high blood pressure and failing joints, I was well on my way to an early grave.
Things have sure turned around! My moods, although positive for the most part even before the weight loss, have become so much better. If I was teetering on the verge of depression, I've pulled myself up and away from the edge of that deep, deep chasm. Thank God. That was a precarious position to be in, and now I'm on level ground again. :-)

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