Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday after Olive Garden.

Okay, so I weighed today and was 181. Still hanging onto that 3 lbs from Christmas. No biggy. In the scheme of things, it's a drop in the bucket. When I was 256, adding another 3 lbs might have freaked me out, knowing I was getting bigger and bigger. But being at the weight I am now, this 3 lbs is not a worry. I know it's a normal fluctuation, and I'll get back on track. On the other hand, had I gained 15 over the holidays, I'd be blogging daily about how weak I was!
Last night was "date night" for my son and myself. He had been up skiing all day, and by the time texted to tell me he was on his way down the mountain, it was nearly 6pm. I promised him a night out, if he was still up to it. So when he got home, he showered, and we headed out for his choice of restaurant. He's a kid after my own heart, and we both love our Italian food! So we went out to Olive Garden. I had the eggplant, and he had the "Tour of Italy" with three portions of different items on his plate. He hadn't eaten since 3pm, and was starved! I had my eggplant Parmesan, and salad and bread. Olive Garden has a special menu, if you can find it, in their lobby. It lists all their gluten-free and low-cal dinners and lunches. I almost ordered from that menu, but changed my mind last minute. I truly love eggplant, and since I don't make it at home, (although it's easy enough... why don't I??) I always order it when we go out for Italian. The low-cal option that I passed on was the Apricot Chicken, with steamed veggies. It was 380 calories for the plate, plus a handful more calories for the salad, and a bit more if you eat the irresistible bread sticks. Yum.
We did go to a movie after dinner, but even my son was too full for popcorn. We just enjoyed the movie on a full tummy from dinner. Long day for him... he was in bed as soon as we got home. He worked hard on the slopes, and it was nice to get him out for some mommy/son time.


  1. Sweet that you and your son have special time together!

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