Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is anybody out there?

Wow! A month has gone by, and no posts from me. So sorry to my many, many (20?) fans! :-)

I would have to look back at what I last posted, but I think I was somewhere around 178, and looking forward to the new year to get back to basics and drop the last 15 or so lbs. That's still the plan, and we've restocked the pantry with our low-cal snacks, etc. But honestly, the rest of our diet hasn't changed. Still sticking pretty close to our salad/veggie/protein dinners, and fruit and grains. I didn't weigh myself today, and haven't for a week or so. I know that just after Christmas, I was at 181, which is a little above my "safe range". I had been as low as 173, and had bounced between that weight and 178 for about 4 months. I blame the Christmas fudge, gravy and stuffing, and over-indulgences for that 3 lbs gain. Oh well... moving on...
I'll get back to writing more often. I have to admit, it's more fun to write when there is a loss to report. How fun is it to log on and read, "Still the same weight... Maintaining well, thank you."
BORING! But I promise to do better.
In the meantime, I've had such a recurrence of issues with my lower back, that the running, (or jog/walking) that I had started doing at the gym has had to be put on hold. It used to be that I could go a month or so before my back pain suddenly flared up, and I was in pain for days at a time. But those infrequent bouts with being nearly crippled, have become more frequent, and I've decided to see a chiropractor.
Long ago, I consulted with a chiropractor when I thought he could help me with my carpel tunnel problems. He wanted a lot of money up front, with no guarantees, so I passed on that route, and went straight for the surgical method of relief. I never saw a chiropractor again.
But the fact that I have uneven hips, and the continuing issue of poor posture due to scoliosis, I thought it was time to see what could be done.
He's working on me, and I think there will eventually be improvement. But what I learned was this: The abdominal machine that I love, and that I swear by, is not doing my back any favors. In fact, he asked that I not use it, and that I wait until he gets me adjusted a few times before I try any back or ab exercises. He's going to show me, when he feels it's a good time, how to work those muscles without injuring my back, or putting any strain on the weak areas.
Fine. I'll just let my belly sag. LOL The fat is not there like it used to be, but the muscles seriously need work. But right now, my back is most important. Having it be at less than 100% working condition puts my income at risk. I have to be able to lift, twist, jump, throw, and mostly walk. First things first.
I do so love my new chiropractor. He's solved for me the mystery of why my butt is so big. "Inflammation". Hmm. Why didn't I think of that?? ;-)


  1. Welcome back! and so untrue that we don't want to see you post "same old weight!" Anymore as we age, just maintaining a healthy body weight is so much of the battle.
    on inflamation...yeah, I got that too! ;-)

  2. Inflammation - I love it! Glad to see you back posting - I figured you must have been busy with the holidays. :)