Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wet carpets and ravioli.

Yesterday was one of those days when you just forget to eat until your stomach starts screaming at you, and you start screaming at anyone around you. Lack of food makes me irritable. :-)
I started off with my usual coffee and egg whites, but by 11 am, I was at Bunna's family's house, eating nuts and a fiber bar. That was the last thing I ate before my day got too busy to be hungry.
I started shampooing the carpets around 1 o'clock, and somewhere around 6pm, the belt on the shampooer broke, and I left the house to search for a replacement. By 7:30, I was home, belt-less, and so tired and cranky I thought I would die!
The container I keep in the fridge full of chopped lettuce was empty! But, no fear! We have four heads of iceberg in the crisper, so I started chopping.
After only having eaten egg whites, nuts and a fiber bar all day, I was starving! So unlike me to go so long between meals, but this was just one of those days.
I got my lettuce in a BIG bowl, added some chopped egg, shredded cheese, blue cheese chunks, craisins, and lite dressing. Then I sat down and savored every bite! It had some high-calorie items in the salad, but I'm not worried. I needed dinner, and I'm just glad I didn't head for the peanut butter, considering the condition my stomach and mind were in at the time.
I actually decided to have a salad for dessert, too! LOL Same thing, minus the egg. Two good sized salads, and I was out for the count.
I went to bed with wet carpets and dreams of finding a belt this morning to finish the job. I hear rumors that Bed Bath and Beyond keeps them in stock... I'll be on my way there soon!
But then, once the Bunna wakes up, we'll be off for our Valentine Brunch. Is it wrong to be looking forward to ravioli and red wine at 9 am? I suppose... but if loving Italian food is wrong, I don't want to be right. :-)
Oh, and weigh in today was 182. Ugh. You think Louie's makes a LIGHT ravioli??


  1. Sounds like a crazy day! The only way to satisfy that is with italian food! I'm a big fan too. I'll send you a paleo lasagna recipe. Guaranteed to meet the italian in you head on! ;-)
    hanging in at 182...after a year?! Good for you!

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