Monday, March 14, 2011

Good morning... is it Spring yet?

I've been on a mental vacation. Don't ask me when it started, but for some reason, I have put aside all the things that had been so important and in the forefront, and gone into some kind of auto-pilot. Maybe it's the weather or just that time of year, but the motivation I thought was returning a month ago, has only drifted farther away, and I'm not any closer to losing that last 20 lbs.

As a matter of fact, I weighed myself this morning and faced the sad fact that I knew would be there when I stepped on the scale. I have gained 7 lbs. I had a feeling it would be around that much... my size 12 jeans are just tight enough that I don't want to wear them anymore. And I have found myself wearing a nice spandex-infused cotton pair, size 14, almost everywhere. They are my comfortable jeans, and the others are sitting on the shelf.

I did, however, buy a pair of new walking shoes. The last pair I bought were a Walmart special, and were heavy and clunky and not-so-comfortable. They didn't get used much, and I've had them for about 8 years.

The new pair are Reebok DMX Max. Air pillows on the sole, that when you walk, the cushion travels from the heel of your foot to the ball of your foot. They're kinda like walking on trampolines. :-)

I wore them out for the first time yesterday, just out grocery shopping. Very comfy, and light. As soon as this rain stops, I'll venture out into the real world. Temps are still in the 30s in the mornings, and only up to the low 50s in the afternoons. And we'll have just one day of no rain this week.

Spring is a beautiful time, but pre-Summer is better. It's that time between heavy rains and unbearable temps that I love. It will probably hit just about the time I leave Idaho on vacation... in June. :-)


  1. Yep, it's time to buckle down. The good thing is that we know not only how to do it, but that we CAN, in fact, lose weight. Glad you bought yourself some new walking shoes - I love new workout's quite the motivator for me.

  2. It's tough to stay in shape when you're on vacation. I mean, aren't you supposed to just chiill out and do nothing and eat wheatever you feel like! I wish it were that simple. Whenever I go on holidays now (that is when it's a location that I drive to) I take my folding rebounder with me - yeah I know it's a little nutty but for me, even if I do only a ten minute workout on it every day during my vacation, somehow it saves me from too many extra pounds piling up and if I am really pent up about it I can do more. Saves me from the scale dread when I get back home.