Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hello, Little Plaid Skirt. Long time no see...

Today, I went to my boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving.  Having lost 18 lbs, I was able to grab a skirt I haven't worn in a while, and feel like it was new again!  Okay, fine.  So maybe this style should have stayed buried in the closet.  But it's plaid, and plaid is cute, right??   ;-)
  I ate a plate of small portions, and then went back for more turkey.  I had two glasses of wine, and two different desserts.  No worries...   tomorrow's walking at work will burn off those calories, and then some.  I just might wake up to 211 in the morning on the scale.  But heck!  Thanksgiving only comes once a year!  And, for the most part, I was good.  It's actually hard NOT to be good.  When you're full, you're full.  And I was full after one plate, so it was easy.   I remember a time when I'd go back for a second plate, with full portions of everything.  Times have changed.
  Here's a photo of me today.  My son took this.  He had to take three, since he said in the first two, my face looked funny.   Haha!   Geez...  I can't help how my face looks!  I was born with this one!  ;-)

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