Saturday, March 19, 2011

Food Vacation

Well, let's see. It was Monday this week when I woke up and got back on track for these last few pounds. I would like to say that it was to lose the last 20 lbs, but in fact, I had gained a few back, and I actually need to lose 24 when I woke up and started paying attention to my calories again on Monday.
On March 14, I was weighing 189. Today, I'm weighing 184 again. So, to reach my new goal, I am 19 lbs away.
Back in August, I posted that I was 176. And at the time, I had a goal of 170, so I was only 6 lbs away. But I see that it's possible for me to get to that 165 mark, so that's my new goal. And it's less than 20 lbs away.
I've been in this range for so long now, since around September, that it seems this is my new regular weight. But it gets me thinking... when I started at 256, and I began eating super healthy, I lost 12 lbs in one week! If this is my new weight range in the mid 180's, then why can't I lose 12 lbs of water weight immediately when I get on track again?? It's not fair somehow. :-)
But 5 in one week is fine with me. Seriously, for those of us that are in our normal range, or close to it, the maintaining is something that will be with us forever. I've learned what a month of random snacking can do to my waistline. And it was over 13 months ago when I decided my "food vacation" was over. I have to remind myself every day that I'm not on a food vacation.
On the other hand, when vacation really does get here... well, all bets are off. :-)


  1. Wow, losing 5 pounds in a week is awesome, especially since you don't have that much to lose! Nice work!

  2. I agree, while its nice to maintain (I gained 35 pounds the first three years I was on insulin), I did manage to maintain that gain for a couple years.

    I lost 70 pounds on WW back in 1999, so I finally decided in January to go back because it works - I am down 8.8 so far, including a month where I tracked nothing while my husband was sick - not too bad!