Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wake up!

Okay. I'm facing the facts. I gained. Ugh. I GAINED.
I knew it was happening... the jeans slowly feeling less baggy and more like they fit, and then suddenly, too tight? YIKES.
I was hovering around 178-182 for the longest time, and then all common sense went out the window. Calories? Who cares! Well, I realized that a month of "who cares" turned into about a 7 lbs gain.
Yesterday, I weighed 189. That was my wake-up call. And I got back on track and stopped with the bowl of cereal at 9:00 pm, and the extra helping of rice at dinner. This morning, I'm down a little to 187.
In three months, I'll be going on vacation to sunny Myrtle Beach, via sunny North Carolina and my sister's house. Swimming, in the pool and the lake, and then sunning on the beach. This body is not going to stay at 187 for long! I've got some work to do! I've got to wake up and smell the coffee! ...black coffee, no cream, no sugar, please. :-)

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  1. Finally! you're back! If this blog keeps you on track then blog, blog, blog! Everyone has their thing and yours is going to be writing it down E V E R Y day! Good going! xo