Friday, March 18, 2011

Yogi Chips

Snacks! I've gotta have 'em! And I've gotta have 'em every couple of hours, or my tummy reminds me. I'm thrilled that summer is coming and I'll have berries and fresh stuff in my snack box for work. I usually take one apple, one cheese stick, and two or three bars of some type. I usually have my egg whites before I leave for work, and by the end of the day, with my 4-5 snacks, I go into dinner time with about 600 calories under my belt. That leaves me with 4-500 to spend for dinner.

The other day, at the Grocery Outlet, I found something new. A type of chip, that is only about 110 calories for a bag. Granted, the bag is only a fraction of an ounce, I think, but just because they're lightweight, doesn't mean they're low on flavor!

They're made by Wai Lana, and they're called Yogi Chips. The main ingredient is yucca flour, so they're different than a basic potato chip. These little gems are flattened and formed to resemble a chip, but the consistency is more like a Pringle. They come in different flavors, like bbq or sweet and sour. They're more of a sweet snack, as opposed to a salty chip snack, but the sweet and sour flavor is so good with the little cinnamon they put on them.

Also, for anyone interested, they are also gluten free. That makes a difference for some people. I've never had any trouble with gluten foods, but I know some people have an allergy to wheat, so this is a good replacement snack.

Since I found them at the Grocery Outlet, the quantities were limited, and when they're gone, they're gone! But I couldn't imagine that this product was there because it had been discontinued. It was just too good. So I checked around. You can buy them by the case on Amazon, and I think Whole Foods has them. Here locally, I found I can buy them at our Co-op market, which specializes in local and organic groceries.

They're worth checking into. They make a great treat for me when I need something sweet, without breaking the bank on calories!

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  1. Thank you so much for this tip. I have some friends (lots of them actually) who are gluten free. Score! I'll look at whole foods here to see if we can find them. good job getting back on the plan! love you! xo