Monday, August 30, 2010

Is it a "10"?

I read a post in another blog this morning written by a woman that has a lot of insight into this whole weight loss business. And there was something she wrote that reminded me of something I saw on a talk show years ago.

The blogger wrote that she had felt bad about eating "sub-par" food, because it just wasn't worth it.

What I had seen on the television long ago, was an interview with a woman that was giving advice on cutting calories. What she had said was, "Go ahead and order that chocolate cake for dessert. But after you take one bite, you need to determine where it falls on a scale of 1-10. If that cake is not a 10, then don't eat it. Don't waste your calorie intake on food that is not absolutely what your mouth was watering for!"

I should have listened to that advice. It's always floating around in my sub-conscience, but I rarely have the need to implement it. But this weekend, I should have.

Bunna and I had the opportunity to go out to eat, which doesn't happen often considering our work schedules. We decided that pizza would be a great way to celebrate our night off together. Honestly, there are only two foods that we usually go to when we have a need to splurge: pizza or Mexican. Friday it was pizza.

We ordered a medium pizza for the two of us, and had salads while we waited. When the pizza came, I looked at it like it was made by aliens.

"Bunna, this doesn't look like I remember it. What's wrong with the crust?"

"I don't know. Does it look wrong?"

"Yeah. It's not all soft and squishy. It looks hard... and overcooked And where's the cheese? It looks like there's no drippy cheese."

"Do you want me to ask them to re-do it?"

"(sigh) No. It'll be okay. It's just not what I was craving. I wanted floppy, cheesy pizza."

So we had our pizza. When the girl came around to check on us, I asked her about the crust. She said if we wanted the soft, squishy crust, we should have ordered the pan style. But we had ordered the regular crust, and it was so disappointing.

So bottom line, I should have listened to my inner voice telling me to save the calories. "Don't eat it if it isn't a 10!" This pizza was a 4, at best. Ugh.

We were determined to make up for that bad choice. Sunday, we went downtown for a street festival, and did quite a bit of walking. We decided to counteract that sub-par pizza we had on Friday night with a slice from a well-known, college-student-frequented hole-in-the-wall dive.

Pie Hole Pizza, served on paper plates, is always a guaranteed home run! Outa the park! And they didn't disappoint.

I had a slice with artichoke heart, jalapeno and onion. Instead of a marinara or alfredo sauce, they used ground mushrooms as the base. It was heaven, and most definitely a "10" on my mouth-watering pizza scale.

Now, if only I can take back those calories I ate Friday night. Grr.

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  1. Glad what I wrote gave you "food" for, I crack myself up sometimes! Luckily, I rarely get into those situations, but as we were staying in a strange (to us) city and didn't know our way around, I ended up eating most of my meal simply because I was hungry. Hated having to do that, and I love the rating system - I'll have to remember that when I'm out and about!

    Glad you got some redemption pizza - it sounds wonderful!