Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Size

Just thought I'd drop a note here real quick...

Went shopping today, and although it has been in the back of my mind that my size 14's are getting a little sloppy in the waist, I didn't think I was ready for the next smaller size. I think the reason I thought that was because I have a pair of 13's that I found at a garage sale for a buck, and I was having a hard time buttoning them. They are a button fly, and once on, they just look odd. But, they are a 13, and from what I recently learned about sizes, they are a junior size, and therefore have no hips built in. The misses sizes, being the even numbers...(8, 10, 12, 14, etc.) are made for adult women with normal hour-glass shapes. Junior odd sizes are for girls who have yet to develop their "child bearing hips". :-)
So I grabbed a pair of clearance jeans from the rack today. I carried them around until I just finally broke down and decided to try them on. I swear... I'll never get used to holding up a pair of pants that look so extremely small for me, and then finding out they fit. It's such a weird feeling pulling them on.
In the dressing room, you take them off the hanger, and open the button and zipper. You hold them up to put one leg in, and they look like a child's pair of pants. But then, you pull them up. And you get them over your butt, and then you zip and button them. Holy cow. They fit.
I stood there looking at myself wearing a pair of size 12's. A minute before, I thought I'd be standing there with them gaping open, and cursing myself for even trying to squeeze into this next size so soon. But instead, I wanted to burst out of the dressing room and tell anyone within earshot, that "THEY FIT!!! I'M IN A 12, PEOPLE!!!"
I refrained from making a fool of myself. I think the women milling around the clearance racks at JC Penny's would not have been amused. On the other hand, I might have missed my one and only opportunity for a serious round of applause! Darn.

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  1. Damn, woman - you look fierce!!! Congratulation on the size 12's!!! I know that dressing room excitement - it's so fun and you just want to scream it to the world...and you know what? I bet you would get a round of applause if you did!