Monday, August 23, 2010

Who is this healthy girl?

It just occurred to me, that if this is real, solid weight loss, and not just a spell or a fluke, then I've lost 80 lbs!
Let me think back for a minute... My original weight was 256. (Ugh.) I set my initial goal for 90 lbs, then revised to 86 lbs, so I could end at an even weight of 170. (Thank you, OCD.)
I am currently 176. Am I really only 6 lbs from my goal?? How did this happen? Where have I been? Sometimes I feel like I've stepped out of my own body, and someone else is running the show. Once in a while, I step back into my skin, and say WHOA!! Who is this person with all the motivation and the thin thighs? LOL
This is awesome. I love becoming the person I should have been all along. Having energy and having my brain tell me what's good for me is normal now. That brain thing is important. I used to hate having my conscience make me feel guilty everytime I reached for a cookie. It feels good to know I can have one, but choose not to. And if I choose to, I know what it takes to have it NOT show up on my hips again.
This is great. Plus, I weigh 8 lbs less than Bunna now. Isn't that the way it should be? Boyfriends should weigh more. It just seems right that way.

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  1. Who is that healthy girl? It's you!!! What an awesome job you've done, and I love how close you are to hitting your goal - congrats!!!