Monday, August 23, 2010


Remember that Stephen King book, called "Thinner"? It had to do with an overweight man that made a gypsy mad, and she put a spell on him to lose weight until he died. At first he thought it was his diet, then he realized he could eat anything and everything, and still lose weight.
I think I'm kind of at that point, although to admit it we seem to kind of jinx myself.
I feel like for the past couple weeks, I've paid attention to my portions and food choices, but have not stuck exactly to the plan as I designed it 7 months ago. For the past couple weeks, I've allowed myself to have restaurant dinners and an occasional sweet treat, but I have consistently been losing weight anyway.
Over the weekend, Bunna and I went out for calzones, then I went to a festival downtown and my son and I each had a pizza slice. Normally, that kind of thing would throw me off the next morning.
But all my indiscretions have only left me feeling like more of a normal eater. I want to be one of that group of healthy people that can have whatever they want, and still maintain a healthy weight. I think something has clicked in my metabolism that has gotten me nearly there.
How awesome is it to start out the weekend weighing 180, have a couple of cheats, and still weigh in on Monday morning 4 lbs lighter? Strange, right? I think the metamorphosis is beginning for real. Granted, I did a bit of walking over the weekend, and stuck to low cal snacks for the most part, but it's almost as if I'm the character from the book.
Seriously, the Tour de Fat festival I went to on Saturday is known for its really strange participants, crazy entertainment, and spectacles. (BTW, the Tour de Fat is a charitable party benefiting all things bicycle, put on by the New Belgium Brewing Co.) But it's highly likely I ran into a gypsy, maybe literally, that put this spell on me. How else do you explain this steady weight loss?
Yep, I've been hyp-m0-tized. LOL

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