Thursday, January 12, 2012

New scale.

Since day one, back in February of 2010, I've used the same scale. It's been a good friend, but it was time to jump start my motivation with something new. The old scale has been moved to the laundry room, and the new, fancy one is now in a place of honor in the master bath.
The old scale was pretty basic with a digital readout, and nothing fancy. But over the last couple years, I've gotten to where I'm just tired of its questionable memory. It seems that its memory will hold a weight for longer than the normal 24 hours. And I find it hard to believe that I will weigh the same, to the tenth, for up to 5 days straight. I don't think it was designed for someone like myself, who likes to weigh daily.
So this new one actually has memory for up to four people. And you can program it for your age and height, so it will also give you an approximate BMI. Another cool feature is the calorie readout. It will tell you how many calories you are allowed to eat, in order to maintain your current weight, based on your stats.
One problem: It weighs about 3 lbs heavier than my old one. So this morning, after having lost 5 lbs a few days ago, it looks like I'm back to 3 lbs lost. I weighed at 220 this morning, and started at 223. Oh well, it's just going to have to be this way. It's a sacrifice I'm making for the new and improved Biggest Loser scale!!

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