Sunday, January 15, 2012


Moving down slowly, but I guess I'm just spoiled, considering how quickly I lost weight the last time we went through this. Two pounds a week should be considered good progress, and yet, I'm feeling like I'm not doing enough.
I've started changing up my routine at the gym. Instead of just my standard treadmill-weights-go home routine, I've decided to do some heavier leg stuff. My theory is to build up the big muscle groups, so they can do the fat-burning for me.
I use the "Expresso" bike, which has the monitor on the front, and a video of your virtual ride. You can sync your bike with the one next to you, and compete, or just ride alone. You still have riders on your course to pass, but you're not racing. I have been setting it for the "Coastal Ride" which is about 2 miles, and the "Campus Loop" which is about 2.6. There are hills and downgrades, so it's like a real ride. And my legs are feeling the burn!!
New scale weighed me at 219 today. Slow-going. Only about 7 pounds so far.


  1. Maybe you should change your training because maybe your body is now accustomed your current training. You can for example try to do one longer exercise (90-120 minutes) by walking or biking. Weekly longer training will boost your fitness and boost your fat metabolism to burn more fat. I have wrote a post about that Why you should do long training to boost your weight loss?. Or you can try cross training, i.e. if you have typically gone to gym, try now swimming, long walks or biking. I have also a post about that.

  2. Keep it up! Remember, muscles tend to retain water after they've been assaulted with a work out they weren't expecting. :)

  3. Keep it up! I feel you frustration.. been stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks, but what we forget is when working out our muscle gain exceeds fat loss for a while, and that is why consistency is the key. You are doing great and you will get there, you just have to take it a day at a time and enjoy the journey and the small victories. Then one day you will look up and you will have made leaps and bounds of progress! Keep it up and I look forward to stopping by occasionally to see how you are doing

  4. Just do what you know how to do. Don't focus on it so much. This is how you live your life. Not a race, not a diet, just your healthy lifestyle. The weight will come off, you will get stronger.
    This is who you are. A healthy, strong woman who is in charge of her well being. Love you! See you in April!