Saturday, May 22, 2010


I should have taken measurements when I started this... I know what my waist was, because I had just ordered new uniform pants in a certain size, and they fit fine. But I don't know my bust and hip measurements from back then.
I'll tell you now, that this morning, I measured those things. And although I am not nearly the hourglass silhouette that I plan to be in a couple months, at least now I'm into somewhat normal numbers.
This morning, I measured my bra line at 36". I measured my waist at 35". And I measured my hips at 43". Not quite supermodel measurements, but my Mama Cass apple-shape is gone. Whew. What a relief.
Oh, and that water weight that I had been fighting all last week? GONE, thank you very much. Weighed this morning, and found that I have lost a grand total now of 59 lbs. Only 27 lbs away from my goal. When I reach that goal weight, I'll re-evaluate. I might want to continue losing until I can wear a sassy size seven! :-)


  1. Thanks, Sis. This has been such a challenge for me! But, I'm always up for a challenge! :-) I can't believe it's been nearly 4 months since I started this! (Feb 2,'10)

  2. what you mean to say is, "in the short 4 months since I started this" .
    it is incredible what you have accomplished in such a short few months. So good for you!
    you have definately made an actual change in your lifestyle. Healthly for you, Kevin and Eddie! XOXO