Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm not a carrot lover. Not raw carrots, anyway. But steamed, or out of the pressure cooker? Mmmm... I think I could live on them. So delicious!
We went to the Outback for dinner tonight to celebrate Bunna's mother's birthday, and also Mother's Day. I ordered the grilled chicken, and asked for the "lite" option. I'm not sure what they do to it to make it "lite", but they claim it stays under 500 calories. It didn't taste as though anything had been taken away. It was wonderful! It was served with a green salad, and steamed veggies. The broccoli was bright green, and tender. And the carrots... to die for! I swear they tasted like candy! So sweet. Mmm.
The server brought a plate of cheesecake for Bunna's mother, and she passed it around. I took a spoonful, but made it last. :-) I think I got three small bites from that spoonful. The berry sauce was so good!
Tomorrow, I'll weigh and see how I'm doing. Even with the meal out tonight, I think my calories for the day were still under about 1100. The fact that I was full before my plate was empty is a good sign.

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  1. I'm with you. Steamed carrots...sooooo tasty! And, of course, the less refined sugar you eat, the better and sweeter "regular" food will taste. We mess ourselves up for the truly good stuff with the crap we tell ourselves is good. Keep it up...I'm about ready to join you! :)