Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ski Pants

There have been lot of reasons over the years to begin a weight loss plan. I've had health issues, back problems, and my self-esteem started to shrink. Most recently, as a Christmas gift, my boyfriend gave me a new pair of ski pants. I don't ski, but we do go tubing. Normally, I just wear jeans.
Last summer, I told my son that I would start skiing with him again. I thought I could handle it. It didn't occur to me that being out of shape and a plus size would make it a little difficult. I was going to try it anyway, for my son. So at Christmas, I opened the new ski pants. They were a men's XL, and when I held them up, I could see they were too small. Suddenly, I realized... either I return these for the XXXL size, or make myself fit into them. My son would be counting on me to get up to the slopes with him.
Those ski pants actually sat on the top shelf of my closet until just recently. In the back of my mind I knew I'd need to make a decision about them. They were too expensive to just let collect dust. I finally decided to keep them. After a few weeks into this new eating plan, I realized that those ski pants would fit soon. The tags are still on them, and guess what. They're nearly too big now. I've lost a few inches on my backside and my waist, and they are finally comfortable. When I first put them on, they wouldn't go over my hips. I was a few sizes larger then. They're a men's XL, and they have, I'd say a 38 inch waist. The waist is too big, but the hips and legs fit. Men's clothes are built a little straighter, with less curve around the hips, so it's understandable why they fit me that way. But they're totally usable now. I would be completely comfortable spending a day in them.
I've got other clothes that are close to fitting me, too. Some I've saved for the past 10 years, just as a reminder of what size I need to be. Actually, reaching my goal will make me smaller than I was 10 years ago, and those clothes will finally be tossed out. They'll be too big! :-)

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