Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Water Weight

I've reached that point in the month where I'm stalled with my weight loss. Every month, I seem to bounce up and down 1 or 2 pounds, and I'm sure it's from water weight. Once I get to my goal weight, these little fluctuations won't bother me, I'm sure. But for now, it's so frustrating to not only be unable to lose a pound, but for the scale to actually say a pound or so more than the previous day!
I'm eating the same amount of calories, so I know it's got to be water weight. I make a conscious effort to have a calorie deficit every day... that is, I burn more than I eat. If I'm willing to have a day with no loss, even a few tenths of a pound, then I'll allow myself a few more calories, and it will be considered a "maintenance" day. I deserve one of those once in a while, since I'm almost 2/3's of the way to my goal weight.
On a "maintenance" day, I'll agree to have a thin crust pizza from Papa Murphy's. It's so good! It calms my cravings for something gooey and savory. That's my true comfort food.
In the meantime, I'm still having my 100 calorie snacks, right on schedule. Still loving my Eggbeaters in the morning, and my mini-Clif Bars. I could live on this food! And I suppose, to some extent, for a long time to come, I will. :-)

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