Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Ride me... ride me..."

Where's summer? Winter dragged out so long, and now spring is taking its time settling in. We've had only a couple of warm days, and so much rain and cold.
I'm looking forward to going outdoors in the sun. I'm tired of these four walls.
I work outside, so it's not like I'm trapped in a building all the time, but what I'm waiting for is for a warm day where I can pull out the bike.
A month or so ago, my bike tried to give me a message. The hook it was hanging on in the garage pulled out of the wood it was screwed into, and the bike came tumbling down. It was like my little red cruiser was trying to say... "ride me...ride me..." I promised my bike I would go for a ride as soon as the weather warmed up, but that hasn't happened yet.
Last summer, riding my bike with my son, he mentioned that my back tire looked flat. We stopped and checked it, and, no surprise, it was full of air. But when I sat on the bike, it was a different story. My weight on the tires flattened them out. Can you imagine?
My cruiser is a heavy-duty bike. It's got a big, heavy frame, and fat, white-walled tires. It's red, like the Pee-wee Herman bike, and I love it. But after my son said that my tire looked flat, I realized that even my big, strong bike was struggling to hold me. I didn't feel comfortable riding after that. I didn't want to be on a ride away from home and realize that my tires actually were flat, from the strain they were under.
Anyway, this year I'll be happy to take my little, red cruiser for a ride. I'll sit proudly on the big, wide seat and wear my mushroom-head helmet. My son might make fun of me, but it won't be for having flat tires this year!

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