Sunday, May 30, 2010


Shopping. It used to be an exercise in futility. Searching for pants that didn't make my back-side look huge was a chore. It was impossible mission. You can't make a large butt look small by putting jeans or any other type of pants on. And what's worse, when you have to buy pants in "plus sizes", they don't re-design them for bigger bodies. The workers in the sweatshops that put together the pieces, do just that. They assemble pieces. And the same size pockets that go on the size 3 jeans, also go on the wide rear end of the size 22s. So it only accentuates your worst feature. Someone watching you walk down the street in a pair of jeans like that is going to think you sat on a couple of postage stamps, and they stuck. Bigger sized clothes are just not designed to flatter a bigger body. The designers have their work cut out for them!
Since losing weight, I've been going to thrift stores, and discount clothing stores, buying one piece at a time, just to hold me over until I get into the next size. But yesterday, I decided to go shopping at the mall and use up the gift cards that my Bunna has so thoughtfully given me for holidays and other occasions.
I had two cards for Dillard's, so I went looking for pants that fit. And I hoped to find a top or two that didn't hang to my knees or have its shoulder seams hit me mid-arm. I wasn't sure which size I should be looking for, so I befriended the girl in the sportswear department, and had her size me up.
I started by taking size L into the dressing room. It was an Addidas capri set with a cute pink top. I was surprised that it fit, but the capri length is not for me. It feels like my legs are cut off at the knee, and it is not at all flattering. PASS!
Next I tried on a pair of 14 stretch jeans. It's so hard to find anything in a long length, that when I do, I want to stock-pile it! The jeans fit fine, but I already have two pair of thrift store jeans in my closet that are size 14, and didn't cost me $68 each. I'll just wait until I can fit better into those.
At the end of the day, I had picked up three cute printed t-shirts from the junior dept, perfect for summer days. They are all size xl, but a junior xl is not the same as a women's 1x. Also, a new bra. Hallelujah! I didn't try it on at the store, but when I got home I checked it out under one of my new t-shirts. Perfect. My cup size has gone down a bit, but I've gone from wearing a 44 to a 38 again. Whew. My shape is returning! And shopping is fun again! :-)
Weighed myself this morning, and have lost 62 lbs. That's three lbs since last Saturday. A good week, for sure! Only 24 left to go!


  1. Wow! Can we just focus on this for a minute?! 62 lbs! I imagine this has been difficult, but just seems effortless now. Congratulations! XO

  2. Effortless, yeah. You're right. I haven't struggled, and I think that might make some folks mad, because there are a lot of people that think losing weight is hard. It hasn't been hard for me. I just never made a serious effort before, so I always assumed it would be difficult. Plus, I think that considering the completely crazy diet I had been eating, the weight was bound to fall off easily once my body got on a healthy diet. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sis!