Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who do I look like now?

My exercise has been weak, to say the least, over the past couple weeks. Maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's just that I'm feeling lazy. I'll get my mojo back soon, and the weight loss will be kicked up a notch.
In the meantime, I'm down another pound, so I've lost an even 60. Only 26 left to go!
I got warned yesterday by a co-worker, jokingly, that I'd better not get "anorexic". Ha! Can you imagine?? ME? Obviously, that would be bad. But I can't help but feel like that was a compliment, considering all the categories of eating disorders I could have been in. Anorexia? Too funny.
One other co-worker told me I was "whittling away to nothing". Hmm. I'm not quite seeing that, but compared to my old self, I suppose it seems that way to some people. I'm definitely much smaller, and have also been told I "look like a different person". Interesting. Who do I look like NOW?? :-)


  1. Post a photo and I can tell ya :)Come on Wynonna!

  2. Lemme dig up the old red wig, and I'll get a Wynonna pic up! LOL