Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thirty-three to go!

May 4, 2010. Today, I've lost 53 lbs. That leaves me with only 33 more to go! I wasn't sure if my goal was going to put me into the "healthy" range, but I double-checked this morning, and I will be healthy, and hopefully in a size 9-11 when I'm done losing.
A size 11 is good for me. I can't remember ever being a 9, but I remember being jealous of the little girls that got to shop at the "5-7-9" shop at the mall. There was no such thing as an "11-13-15" shop! :-)
Thirty-three to go... that's awesome! I love knowing that I'm so close! And knowing that I won't go back to where I was... that's important to me. I have no problem at all parting with my larger clothes. And I love that even at the size I'm in now, I look so much better!
And I notice the difference in how I move. There's so much less of me to haul around! On those weight loss shows, they always strap a heavy backpack onto the backs of the contestants, that is equal in weight to what they lost. They like to remind the losers what it was like before they made the commitment to health. How would I feel with 53 lbs on my back? Ugh. What a huge difference this has made in how I feel about moving. A simple walk that used to feel like it was an effort is now JUST A SIMPLE WALK. The lightness I feel is great! And it's only going to get better!


  1. 53# is so great, but the best part is your outlook. You won't go back to your old ways. It is just too easy not to! ;-)

  2. You deserve a great big pat on the back an big congrats and I am so proud of you 10 fold!!!

  3. Thanks, girls. I still have the motivation to get there... it just takes time. xoxo

  4. And time is what we have more of... more time less junk food! :)