Thursday, April 22, 2010

40 lbs Overweight

I was thinking... When I originally set my goal at 90 lbs, people looked at me like I was nuts. I got comments like, "You don't need to lose that much!" and "Don't get all anorexic on us!" and "Where are you hiding it?". I don't think they were just being nice. I honestly think people didn't see the weight on me that much. Everyone is just accustomed to me being bigger and taller, and when the weight started adding up, people close to me didn't realize how big I was getting. Well, some did, I'm sure. But a lot of co-workers were probably used to me being a "plus size".
Anyway, my point is this: You didn't think I needed to lose 90 lbs. But now that I've lost nearly 50, can you honestly look at me and say you don't think I need to lose another 40? I think anyone that saw me now for the first time ever would agree. I am currently 40 lbs overweight.
But WOW! That's so much easier to say than admitting to being 90 lbs overweight.


  1. Hi Mary, you're doing GREAT!! I wish I could say the same for me, but you seem to have found the best way for you - kudos!

  2. Thanks, Miguel. The first 3 months flew by! Let's hope the next 4 months, (and 40 lbs) go just as fast!