Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You look grrRREEAAat!

Yesterday at work, I got my first "You look great!" Finally, someone noticed. :-)
Considering I'm 5'10", I think it just takes more time for anyone to realize I've lost weight. Forty-two lbs on a shorter frame would be more obvious, I think. But it just doesn't show on me so much. My clothes don't fit anymore, and I've had to get smaller jeans, but the people that see me everyday just don't see it yet. I'm okay with that. Someday, when they least expect it, they turn around and see me and think they're looking at someone else! They won't recognize me in another 40 lbs!
I wonder how Wynonna Judd is doing on her diet using Alli... She IS my twin sister, after all. :-)


  1. looking at photos, she looks like she is doing great. Her face.. is much slimmer. The bloaty and 2 chins are gone. It will be fun to buy new clothes.. It makes it all worth it when you hear," are you losing weight?" when it starts to show you even walk different.. :)

  2. I don't know about Ms.Judd, but on you it is starting to show based on the photos I saw from Aden's birthhday party. Keep it up. Not a diet, a new way to live! XO