Monday, April 19, 2010


Happy April 19th! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and I've broken through the 45 lb barrier!

For over a week, I was bouncing up and down between 43 and 45 lbs. I just couldn't get past that point, and frankly, I was was getting really down about it. Bunna told me we needed a break, and not necessarily a break from the diet, but instead, just a change of scenery. It was a good thing we had planned a weekend away. We both really needed it!
We packed all our low-cal snacks, and planned our meals before we left... for the most part. I did pack some treats for the kids, and when it came right down to it, I shared those treats with them.
Friday night, we had pizza. The kids had their usual pepperoni/Hawaiian/cheese arrangement, and Bunna and I had a thin crust with mushrooms and olives. We had checked the calorie count online first, and decided it was do-able. But it was so good, what should have been a two-piece dinner turned into a 4-piece dinner! Normally, I wouldn't have over indulged, but I knew we were planning an active weekend, so I went ahead and enjoyed. After dinner, we went swimming and played ping-pong, and then came back to the condo where I made chocolate mousse for the guys.
In the morning, I cut up lots of fruit for everyone to start with while I cooked. I made hash browns, scrambled eggs and toast for everyone else. I had also bought blueberry muffins. So everyone had some fruit, and then their big breakfast. I made my eggbeaters, and then drank my coffee while everyone enjoyed their muffins. But I didn't just let them have all the fun! I had a muffin, too. We checked the calories, and it was 380 for the muffin! But again, I knew we would be non-stop over the weekend, so I decided to give myself permission to enjoy.
After a morning of walking, swimming, and more ping-pong, we went to the hot springs. Not much exercise there, except the short hike from the parking lot to the pools. It was a great afternoon of soaking in the mountains and lounging on the sand in the sun. Thank God I had already lost 45 lbs! Going out in a swimsuit is so much easier when you're not dragging a towel around everywhere to cover your fat hams! :-)
Saturday afternoon was spent in town, shopping and walking and being touristy. We stopped for lunch at Subway, and while the kids got the foot-long-baked-cheese-something-or-other, Bunna and I split a foot-long "Jared Special". Low cal, and full of veggies. So good!
Back at the condo, it was more swimming, more ping-pong, and time for dinner. For everyone else, there were hamburgers, rice, green beans and salad. I had a burger, on a bun! Bread has turned into a real treat for me. I have it so very rarely these days.
After dinner, Bunna and I sat down to watch a movie while the kids went swimming. While they were gone, I baked peanut butter cookies. So when the kids returned, we all sat down for a new movie and a treat. I had a couple cups of decaf, and yes! a cookie or two.
It would seem that I went completely hog-wild over the weekend, and lost track of my whole plan. But I didn't. I was aware of what I was eating, and I knew that because of our constant activity, I wouldn't be in trouble. The last thing I want to do is lose focus, and I was on my game all weekend.
My goal since February 2nd has not only been to lose weight. It's also been to change my lifestyle and become aware and responsible for my own health. If I mean to make this "diet" a true lifestyle change, then I have to be able to bend the rules, and be flexible with my food choices based on the circumstances. There is no way anyone can be completely rigid on a food restricted meal plan indefinitely. Trusting myself to be open-minded about my calorie intake is something that I have to practice, and practice a lot! I can't just lose the weight, and then decide the work is over, and go back to bad habits.
This weekend was a great test. I ate what I knew I should, and I allowed myself a treat or two when I knew I could counteract the calorie intake with playing outdoors. That skill is what is going to keep me thin for the long run. A strict calorie counting diet for the next 30 years is NOT what I have in mind.
So, after all was said and done, I'm back home to my scale, where it told me this morning that my weekend of indulgences didn't hurt me. I've lost 46 lbs now. I'm relaxed and happy and ready to face another Monday.

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  1. Way to stay on track and not make your self crazy about it. Soon you'll stop using the word diet as this just becomes your new way of life.
    Good job. I'm just going to view you now as the current 46 lb lighter version. The other stuff is gone, and I'll just readjust as you loose more weight. ;-)