Friday, April 23, 2010

Thanks, Organs.

A good friend of mine told me a story years ago, and I still remember it because it was one of those things that kept me always aware of my weight.
The story went that he and some co-workers were sitting around the table in the break room at work, discussing a magazine article where a woman had lost 100 lbs.
One of the girls said, "If I lost one hundred pounds, I'd disappear!" My friend said, sadly, "If I lost 100 lbs, I'd still be here."
As I put on more and more weight, I always thought of that comment. I had gotten so big that if suddenly, I were to become 100 lbs lighter, I would still exist. I wouldn't disappear. The organs in my body that God intended to function for a 150 lb body were supporting a body much, much larger!
Thanks to my friend for telling me that story years ago. It was funny then, but now, it's a life lesson.
And thanks to my organs for putting up with the extra weight for so many years. I couldn't have done it without you. :-)

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