Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Closet Woes

My closet is a disaster. My guest room is a disaster, too. Everywhere I look, I've got boxes of clothes I'm donating or plan on selling on Ebay. So much stuff doesn't fit, and I swear I'll never be in that size again.
In my closet, I've got clothes hanging, and clothes on shelves. Of the hanging clothes, I've got them separated into three categories: still fits, but not for long... currently fits... and can't wait to fit into!
On the floor and in the shelves, I've got jeans that are my current size, and jeans that are one size small. The one size small jeans I plan to be wearing in another month.
The reason I can't keep my closet straight is because I keep finding "transition" clothes for a really good price, and I tend to stock up for the future. I am not close enough to my goal to buy a complete new wardrobe, but one or two pieces in a smaller size give me that little something to shoot for. I have a sun dress that I picked up for a couple bucks at a thrift store that, at the time I bought it, was about 4 sizes too small. It's been my goal dress for this entire transformation. I don't quite fit into it yet... I've got a few inches to lose first. But it's hanging in my closet, among the can't wait to fit into clothes. I've got plans to slip it on and zip it up by August.

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