Thursday, April 15, 2010

Set Point

I'm stuck. My scale says I've lost 45 lbs, then it will say 44 or 43 the next morning. I've been making sure I get my workouts in, but maybe I need to switch it up a little. Time to do something drastic to break through that plateau.
There are myths, or maybe not, about "set weight points". It seems as though I weighed just about what I do now, back in '94 when I got married. At that point, it seemed like I'd been at that same weight for awhile. I hadn't weighed under the 200 mark for years.
So I wonder if there's any truth to the idea of a set point. Regardless, I think if it does exist, and your body has a weight where it likes to stay, it's totally possible to get past that. Why shouldn't you be able to set a NEW point? I know it's possible, so now I just have to prove it. I want to hit the 50 lbs mark before the end of April!


  1. many stay at the same weight for as much as 2 weeks.. keep at it.. strong and steady.. you will break through...

  2. Good advice the Sauras. Keep it up. You have come way to far to let a little set point stop you. ;-) This is the test to see that this new way of life is your new way of life. XO