Friday, April 9, 2010

Jugs: MIA

Woke up this morning, and weighed myself. I've lost 45 lbs now. So I started thinking how much that really is.
I've been going through the motions, doing what I have to do to lose the weight, and it's become a kind of competition with myself. I wake up, wanting to see that next pound disappear from the scale. But in the process of losing the weight, I've lost sight of the quantity of fat that is actually gone. It's really mind boggling when you think about it.
I've lost the equivalent of over four 10# bowling balls. I've lost the same weight as nine 5# bags of potatoes. And I've lost the same poundage as 5.25 gallon milk jugs.
And speaking of jugs, I seem to have misplaced mine... Dang. One of the first casualties of weight loss. The jugs.

1 comment:

  1. 45 lbs! Do you realize that is nearly 50 lbs!
    Can you believe it?!
    Bowling balls, potatoes....whatever it's a lot!
    I have a hard time losing 5 lb bag of sugar! You've got a lot of will power!