Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahhh, nuts!

So as it turns out, last week was a combination of maintaining, and catching up. The weekend my mother was in town set me back two pounds, but I lost those 2 by the 9th of June. Then the rest of the week, I basically maintained that.
This last weekend, we had friends over and bbq-ed. Now, I could have stuck to my plan. It's not a problem to do that. I had food here that would have totally fit into my calorie count, and I would have stayed on track. But some days, you just have to say, it's okay. I went up as high as maybe 1700 calories on Saturday, so as it turns out, the maintaining continued.
Monday, I was back on track. But not until we spent a couple hours with Bunna's parents playing cards on Sunday afternoon.
On days when we play cards, everyone likes to have something to snack on. We normally have strawberries or grapes or even a bowl of cherry tomatoes on the table with us. Those are the responsible days.
But on Sunday, there was fresh caramel corn which I dipped into a few times. And then, I spotted the nuts. A jar of mixed nuts. Healthy, right? And once I opened them for a bite, Bunna's mom decided to pour them into a bowl for the card table. OH NO!!!
I have to admit, I love salted, mixed nuts. But after picking at the bowl that day, and coming home to find I didn't lose any weight over the weekend, I decided to double check the calorie count on those healthy little nuts.
Just a quick FYI on nuts... On the lower end of the calorie scale, you have peanuts, almonds, pecans and walnuts. Assuming there is no honey-crunch coating, you're okay with a small handful of those. They're high in protein, too.
But if you're digging around in the mixed nut bowl like I was, avoid the high-fat, high-calorie nuts like Brazil nuts and macadamias. An ounce of macadamias has 200 calories and 17 grams of fat! And one Brazil nut has 25 calories! Hands off those nuts!

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  1. So happy you're doing this, Mary. Good for you! I'm right behind you on the responsible eating thing... I'm proud of you for starting the blog. It'll help you and keep you honest (maybe!). I enjoy reading yoru thoughts, so thank you for including me!