Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sausage-Pancake Nuggets!

Whew! Dodged a bullet today! Dumb me, went to the store on an empty stomach, just to pick up a couple things, and found myself holding a box of delicious looking little sausage nuggets wrapped in pancake. It was a box of 9 little pieces of heaven, at 240 calories per serving... a serving being 3 pieces.
I stood there holding them, imagining how good they'd be, and wondering if I could bring them home and only eat one... just to try it. Finally, I just put them back and ran... (okay, walked REALLY fast) to the check-out.
Still reeling over my near knee-buckling experience in the frozen foods, I mentioned to the clerk what I had moments ago been considering buying, as a snack. She and I agreed that eating one would lead to two, which would probably lead to buying a case and locking ourselves in a room with the little breakfast nuggets and a microwave, for at least two hours. Not a great way to spend a Saturday. Good thing I had the smarts to put them down.
Once in the car, I grabbed a Fiber One bar, (130 calories) out of a newly purchased box, and congratulated myself. :-)

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  1. yay! what a milestone! those moments come way too often and the minute you think one time is OK, then you'll think it is ok next time too. good for you! There are plently of ways to have a "cheat", but bringing home a box is never a good way. ;-)