Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eating alone.

For forty-six weeks out of the year, I'm a working mom that comes home at 6pm and makes dinner. During those weeks, depending on which season it is for my son's sports, (baseball, football), we either have a healthy sit-down dinner, or rush off to the field for 3 hours. Sometimes during baseball season, we aren't home until 9pm, and it's a mad dash to get something for him to eat before bed. On those days, I ususally just have a quick salad and hit the hay.
But on days when we don't have to be anywhere quickly, we can sit down to a nice green salad and balanced dinner... well, kind of.
My son loves his rice. He loves his pasta. And he loves his mac-n-cheese. These are all things that I avoid, but that doesn't mean I won't make them for him. We will always both have our protein and vegetable, but I just won't eat the starchy side dishes. I will have small portions of everything else, though.
For four nights out of the week, Bunna is home for dinner, too. And he normally eats what I do. He and I stick pretty close to that 300 calorie dinner plan.
That is the schedule for the majority of the year. But for six weeks in the summer, my son goes to his dad's. And with Bunna working a lot of nights, I come home to an empty house. It's not so bad, considering when it's just me, I can cook or not. My son has only been at his dad's for about 4 days, and I've been having a big salad every night. After my salad, I find a protein, but usually skip making anything else. I've been eating Boca Burger patties with a little ketchup or A-1 sauce. Tuesday night, I had three small slices of leftover tri-tip, and last night a small portion of leftover spaghetti noodles. Oops... no protein there! But I did have a hard-boiled egg on my salad.
Bunna is home from work tonight, and we'll have supper together. Maybe he'll come up with something more imaginative than what I've been having this week. Maybe we'll go out for soup!

Oh, and this morning I weighed, and have lost 64 lbs. Only 22 to go!

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