Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer FUN!

Today is Thursday, June 24th, and I've lost 67 lbs. Only five weeks until I make my yearly drive from Southern Idaho to the Bay Area to see my family for our annual reunion. I've been sending photos, so they have an idea of my transformation, but so far, the only person from California to see what I've lost, has been my Mom. She was here a couple weeks ago.
Each year, when we go down to my family's place, there are things to do involving swimsuits. There's the pool, there's the beach... I have always pulled on my big girl suit and jumped in, knowing I looked years older than my real age, since I was carrying around so much extra weight.
This year, although I might not yet be at my goal, my suit will fit a bit more normally with a lot less jiggle.
And going to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz will be fun again! I remember a couple years ago when we went to the Boardwalk, I was too big and uncomfortable to ride many rides. And these are the rides I've been riding since I was a kid. There are roller coasters, ferris wheels and thrill rides! I did, however, agree to get on one with my son. I think they call it the Fireball. It's a big wheel that lifts and spins. It goes fast and high!
It was a cool night, and I had a sweatshirt on. We waiting in the line, and got into our seats, and when it came time for the attendant to buckle us in, she had trouble with mine. The bar that comes down over your shoulders, wouldn't come far enough over me to snap safely. How humiliating. Everyone else was secured, and watching and waiting for me to get buckled in. She finally got it down, and the ride started. I told myself it was because my sweatshirt was so bulky. Helloooooo! Lots of people there had sweatshirts on, and no one else had trouble! Ugh. I was so frightened during that ride. I was sure my harness was going to POP! open and I was going to go flying. That was not fun. :-)
This year, I'm going on everything. I can sit in any ride comfortably. I don't have to be the one that sits in the back of the Log Ride, because I'm too big to sit between someones legs. I don't have to get the water in my face this year! Whooo hooooo! LOL
I don't have to worry about being on the "wrong" side of the Scrambler. You know when it starts spinning, and centrifugal force throws both passengers to one side? You always see one couple with the little person squished against the side. So funny! But so unfair. :-)
I'm no skinny-minny... yet. But I'm a lot better off this year than I was a couple years ago. I'm a lot less self-conscious than I used to be. I'm getting there... slowly.
Still, I think I'll skip the Cheese on a Stick and the deep fried Twinkies. :-)


  1. Yeah baby! I can't wait! We will have so much fun!

  2. What was your start date Mams?

  3. Started on February 2nd. It's been just about 5 months, and 67 lbs!! It's gone so fast!