Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Have had a sore back for a couple days now. Not 100% yet, so I'm moving a little slower than usual. I did manage to get on my stepper here at home for two-15 minute sessions. That's better than nothing.
I've lost 63 now. If it weren't for my backache, I'd be on top of the world! :-) But I'll tell you what... back before I lost these 63 lbs, if I had a backache, I would blame it on my weight, and sit on a heating pad, depressed about it. It's good to know that now, if I have a strained back, it's more likely from bad form during exercise, than from lugging around extra poundage. That's a plus.
Someone else I hadn't seen for a few months at work saw me yesterday. "You've gone and got all skinny!" Geeeeee... thanks. :-)

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  1. To Skinny: Keep up the good work! ;-)