Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oops! I slipped.

Weighed this morning, and as I expected, I slipped up two pounds. Over the weekend, I was eating more than what I would if I were just maintaining. I actually ate sweets that I wouldn't dream of eating if I were counting calories!
But yesterday, I had some grapefruit at 6am, an apple around 8, a small Clif bar at 11am, and some Egg Beaters at 1:00. Around 3, I had an apple, and around 5:30, I had a big salad with tomato and hard-boiled egg. Then I just had a plain Boca burger with A-1 sauce. So unintentionally, I probably stayed under 900 for the day. That's low, but I was so exhausted, and just wanted to sleep. I was in bed at 9pm.
I'm back on track today, and since I slept in a little, I'm only just now getting to my first cup of coffee. I'll have an apple soon, and then another coffee. I'm back to work today after taking 5 days off. So the jumping, lifting, carrying, climbing and hopping I do at my job, combined with the super warm weather we're going to have today, will have me sweating and losing built up water weight pretty darn quick. I'll be back to my previous loss point of 63 lbs in a day or so. Then I'm back on track for the next 23.

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