Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm at that point during the month where I would be retaining water, and I expect to not lose anything for a day or two. I seem to level out for a couple days, then when my body un-bloats, I can sometimes lose 3 lbs in one week.
This morning I weighed and I've lost 68 lbs, but I'm not exactly convinced that that last pound is one that won't sneak back on tomorrow.
You see, last night, I had a couple of alcoholic drinks. :-) I decided to skip any mixers or juice, and just drink gin over ice. I actually like it that way. Mixers can be so sweet!
Anyway, the possibility of me being slightly dehydrated this morning is pretty good. And I think that one extra pound that I saw disappear when I got on the scale, might just be a result of the alcohol. Strange though, that at the same time I'm all bloaty and retaining water, I can also be so dehydrated to lose two pounds in two days. You'd think those two things would balance themselves out.
Anyway, I suppose once I get all my fluids back in, and the bloating goes away, I'll get a more accurate weight. In a couple days, I'll hopefully be able to say I've lost the 68 and it's staying gone.

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  1. I really love how in tune you are with your body now. Whatever the case, bloat vs alcohol vs I had a fippin' cheeto (LOL) you get it and it is never coming back! Good for you! xo