Friday, June 18, 2010

Doctor appointment soon!

Made a doctor's appointment for July 20 for myself and my son. He's going in for his school sports physical, and I told them I just want to have my annual blood draw and checkup. The appointment is four weeks from now, so I have about 30 days to lose a bit more weight before I see my doctor.
This is the doctor that I was referred to when I had a DVT (blood clot) just after my son was born. That was in 1996, and she's been my regular physician ever since. She's also Bunna's doctor now, and since my son graduated from his old pediatrician, he sees her, too.
She's seen me at all weights. I was super heavy after I had my son, when she first treated me. At that time, I was about 250. I had gained so much with my pregnancy, and was bed-ridden and hospitalized for 7 days right after my son's delivery. I didn't get that weight off for a long while, and even then, I never got below 200. For a girl that's 5'10", that's pretty hefty. I was wearing a size 18-20 in those days.
Over the years, she's seen me go up and down. But she's never known me to weigh what I do now. I can't wait for her reaction! First, she'll be speechless. Then, once the shock wears off, she'll have to know everything, so I'll fill her in. Hopefully, she approves of my plan. She can't argue with success!
I'll be posting her reaction once the appointment date comes, four weeks from now. I think I can lose another 8 lbs by then!

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