Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to Square 63

Alrighty then! Back to square one, (or should I say square 63?)! I've lost those pesky 2 lbs that crept up while I was enjoying family and big meals over the weekend. Let's see... I'm less than a week off my schedule, so it should still be the end of August when I reach my goal.
But my back has been really stiff and sore the last two days! I'm trying to spend as little time as possible in front of the computer. When my back is like this, it makes it nearly impossible to tie my shoes, much less balance on my stepper.
I'm wondering if my sore back is a delayed reaction from the roller skating I did last Saturday. It's possible, I suppose. I need to get my core muscles in much better shape before I do those types of exercise. Not having strong stomach muscles puts so much strain on my back!


  1. And causes you to be last coming back to the house!! LOL!!!

  2. I told you! I was last getting back to the house because I was flirting with the neighbors!! ;-)

  3. What kind of flirting causes your back to be sore?! LOL