Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July!

Happy July! I thought I'd better put a little something on my blog, in case there are actually people out there reading it, and expecting to hear news of a great breakthrough or something. Well, dream on, people. This week has been one of those up and down weeks. My scale will say 67, then 68, then 69 lbs lost. Then the next morning, I'm back to 67. Nothing's changed in my eating, except I did have a handful of York Pieces. :-) And I made sure I added those to my daily calorie count. I'm still blaming my lack of weight loss on water retention.
I'm sticking faithfully to my plan, and I've substituted a Clif Bar here and there for berries and grapes. Summertime fruits are the best! Probably higher in sugar than other snacks I could choose, but I'm okay with that. If fresh food is available and I can work it into my day's allotment, I'll be okay with the scale leveling out for a few days. No biggy.
This weekend is the Fourth of July holiday. There will no doubt be temptations everywhere, but I'll be good. The last couple weekends, I've gone off my plan a bit, but still kept my daily intake to close to 1400 calories. That's enough to "maintain", but not to lose. It's a good reminder, though, that when I've lost all I want to lose, I'll be able to maintain it easily enough.
Let's hope that by Monday, my scale and I are on good terms again, and I can hit that 70lb mark! Fingers crossed!

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