Saturday, July 24, 2010


My weight has gone down only 4/10's in a couple days. No surprise, though. Last night we were out running around and decided to just grab a salad at restaurant.
We could have easily just drove through any fast food place and had a quick "side salad". That would have filled me up and been plenty until morning.

But noooooo. We couldn't do any thing that simple. We went out of our way to go to a fun place downtown that, on a Friday night at 7, was packed to the gills. By the time we got our table, we had been inhaling the smells of delicious comfort food so long, that our taste buds were crying out for something yummy!
You see, this restaurant has been featured on Food Network, and is one of the best hamburger/comfort food places in Boise. You just don't go to "Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine" and get a salad.
So we ordered food that we had been craving, and that we wouldn't normally order. Bunna ordered Finger Steaks. For those of you that have never heard of them, they are strips of tender beef, battered and deep fried. Some people like them, but they're not for me.
I ordered a Reuben. Yummy, corned beef and sauerkraut with Swiss cheese on marbled rye. That and a side of sweet potato fries, and this girl was in Heaven.
I'm guessing that the sandwich and fries were about 8-900 calories. Add those to the calories I had during the day, and I ended with a total of about 1400. Not too far over my normal day's intake, but enough to have another "maintaining" day.
So we had a little splurge. But I saved a few calories by ordering only water! :-)


  1. I cannot believe I've not been to Donnie's yet. One day... maybe post my weight loss! So proud of you, Mary!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I'm lucky I didn't gain 5 lbs after my little run through the food court at the Music Festival last night! Mmmm... corndogs. :-)